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Directorate: Operational Management

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Compensation: R882 042 for every annum (Level 12), (comprehensive bundle to be organized in agreement with the guidelines for MMS).

Focus: Northern Cape (Kimberley)

Necessities: Candidates should be in an ownership of a Grade 12 Endorsement and an Unhitched male’s Degree/Public Certificate in Regulation/Trade/Farming/Financial matters or Advancement Studies. Least of 3 – 5 years’ involvement with a lesser the board levels. Work related information: Careful information, understanding and involvement with Land Change (specifically Compensation) and/ or on the other hand improvement related issues, Information and execution of General society Finance The executives Act and Division of Income Act, Essential information on monetary administration and organization frameworks. Experience in research the board and execution. Work related abilities: Key arranging abilities, General administration abilities, Functional arranging abilities, demonstrated administrative abilities, Undertaking the board abilities, fantastic relational abilities (verbal and composed) and PC proficiency. A substantial driver’s permit. Ability to
embrace field trips involving significant distances and work unpredictable hours.

Obligations: Deal with the lodgment of cases. Screen and sort records. Distinguish contending claims. Deal with the approval of stopped claims. Coordinate the exploration of land claims. Direct in-crazy reviews of cases. Deal with the check of approved claims. Direct property ID. Direct
requesting and investigation of airborne photos. Coordinate the commitment with elderly folks. Deal with the settlement of cases. Lead discussions. Deal with the talks for the settlement of cases. Lead discussions with landowners also, petitioners. Present offers. Draft area 42D.

ENQUIRIES: Ms. TG Oliphant Tel No: (053) 830 4000.

APPLICATIONS: Applications can be presented by post to: Confidential Sack X5007, Kimberly, 8302
or then again hand conveyed during available time to: sixth floor, New open structure, Knight
furthermore, Stead Road, Kimberly, 8302.

NOTE: Hued, Indian and White Guys and African, Shaded, Indian and White
Females People with handicaps are urged to apply.



Directorate: Rural Development

coat of arm

Compensation: R477 090 for every annum (Level 10)

Focus: Eastern Cape (Or Tambo)

Prerequisites: Candidates should be in an ownership of a Grade 12 Endorsement and a Public Recognition around and Territorial Preparation/Design/Building Development / Amount Reviewing/Structural Designing. Least of 3 years’ administrative experience in fabricated climate. Work related information: Spending plan arranging and consumption checking. Framework arranging and execution.
Checking and assessment. Local area activation. Specialized report composing. PC helped designing applications. Program the board.
Innovative work. Project standards and strategies. Comprehension of Region Provincial Improvement Plans (DRDP). Agreement
building. Great information, understanding and translation of financial plan the board. Work related abilities: Undertaking the board abilities, Correspondence abilities (verbal and composed), PC education, Initiative abilities, Arranging abilities, Individuals the board abilities, Exchange abilities, Execution the executive’s abilities, Compromise abilities, Assistance abilities, Limit building abilities and Monetary the board abilities. A legitimate driver’s permit. Readiness to travel and work unpredictable hours.

Obligations: Work with foundation projects (creature and veld the board programs) to help creation. Guarantee that all activities are executed by
Endeavor Venture The executive’s Office structure and strategy. Guarantee that all projects executed are completely finished on the task register. Plan, make do furthermore, assess explicit exercises to convey the ideal results. Lay out board partner inclusion. Report on project status and key achievements. Work with financial framework ventures to help revitalization of rustic towns and towns. Characterize jobs and obligations as well as
5 assumptions. Oversee administration level concurrences with project workers. Create functional and risk registers and execute risk register the executive’s activity plans. Combine and deal with the Interest The executive’s plan. Deal with the obtainment of labor and products processes. Register and deal with all merchandise also, administrations conveyance dates and solicitations accommodation dates.


Embrace Rancher Creation Backing Unit (FPSU | SPE) foundation projects on the side of Agri-Parks programs. Report on Official Framework Planning Commission (PICC) progress report on a quarterly premise. Apply suitable data frameworks to advance hierarchical information. Make occupations through rustic advancement drives. Advance people group cooperation in all provincial advancement drives through work of nearby occupants.

ENQUIRIES: Ms A van Vuuren Tel No: (043) 701 8127 or Ms A Kili Tel No: (043) 701 8135

APPLICATIONS: Applications can be presented by post to: P.O.Box 1716, East London, 5201 or hand conveyed during available time to: Fields Road, Sea Porch, Block H Quiney first Floor, East London, 5201.

NOTE: Hued, Indian and White Guys and Shaded, Indian and White Females
People with incapacities are urged to apply.

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